Important : ScreenTime works (great) on macOS 10.14 and 10.15, but only when SIP is disabled. Please beware.



Screen sharing plugin for FaceTime.

Quickly show your macOS desktop during a FaceTime video call.

* Never expires. Usage is capped at 1min/call during trial
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How it works

ScreenTime appears as a virtual webcam on your mac. On FaceTime it'll show up just below your mac's built-in FaceTime HD Camera. Select ‘ScreenTime’ and you’re all set.

FaceTime Window

Preinstalled Everywhere

FaceTime is factory installed on every single Apple device out there. Use ScreenTime to share your desktop via FaceTime even if your friend is on an iPhone or iPad. Your friend won't have to install anything.

iPhone & iPad Spirals


Multi-monitor support

ScreenTime lets you choose any display actively connected to your mac. You can even toggle between displays right in the middle of an active FaceTime call.

Video frame optimization

ScreenTime applies clever video post processing to your screen capture. Your friend should get a crisp reception even if their connection is a bit spotty.

Picture-in-Picture support

ScreenTime allows you to show your webcam in a PiP (Picture-in-picture) window on your screen. Your friend'll see your desktop and face at the same time.

Plan a vacation, together

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A ton of decisions go into planning the dream getaway -- flight tickets, hotels, where to eat, tour guides, local attractions, weather. Way too much pressure on one person! Involve the crew. Use ScreenTime.

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Hack on code, together

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Turn FaceTime into a pair-programming tool with ScreenTime. Since FaceTime is installed on every single iPhone and iPad out there, your partner doesn't even need to be on their mac. Poop time collaborations. Anybody?

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Shop that gift, together

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Sure it's got a thousand glowing reviews on Amazon. But, are you absolutely sure Sarah is going to like those earphones? And, doesn't she already own a pair of Airpods? Also, pink? black? blue? yellow? Enlist Joanne for help. ScreenTime her.

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Show them your ways, genius

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Whether your buddy needs help with coding or your Dad a refresher on PDF files, there are always people looking to you for help. Use ScreenTime to show them how it's done.

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